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Multidimensional Psychic,

Soul Tracking Medium,

& Ghost Helper

Samantha Golden Spirit

The Investigator Of  Souls

~ I Work With My Higher Self, My Soul Energy, The Divine/ God/ Source, My Team Of Angels, Positive Galactic Guides, My Other High Vibrational Guardian Spirit Guides Along With Your Spirit Team To Provide Support & Guidance With My Spiritual Gifts ~

~ My Services Are Available Remotely Worldwide, Distance Does Not Limit My Gifts ~

~ Some Readings are Conducted Alone Remotely In Solitude For Focus Purposes ~

Psychic Services

~ Honest Psychic Readings On Zoom ~

Honest Psychic Readings

~ Multidimensional Healing On Zoom ~

Multidimensional Healing

 ~ Uplifting Past Life Readings ~
~ (May Include Afterlife Experiences), PDF ~

Uplifting Past Life Reading

~ Soul Tracking Mediumship Services, Emailed/ Zoom ~

Soul Tracking mediumship

~ Lost Souls Mediumship ~
~ Investigation Reports Are Emailed ~

Lost Souls Mediumship

~  Metaphysical Investigations, Emailed/Zoom ~

Metaphysical Investigations

~  Soul Growth Affirmations, Emailed (Free) ~

Soul Growth Affirmations
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