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 Uplifting Past Life Readings 

Greetings evolving souls,

My passion is to help people become more comfortable with death, understand their life cycles better, and to become inspired by their past lives and afterlife experiences.

I do things a bit differently. I conduct my psychic readings alone in solitude in a very deep meditative state for 45 minutes to 2 hours with my notebook. I only receive information about inspiring experiences you have had from your past lives and sometimes afterlife, I channel around 4 to 6 random past experiences. Once I am done, I type out the info for 2 to 4 hours, then email you a PDF document that summarizes the information that came to me during the session. Some readings will have pictures, this depends on your spirit guides approval. It is up to you if you would like to talk about it over the phone or video chat afterwards.

Before I book an appointment, I will email you a detailed information package with more information about how I do my readings and what I understand about the soul’s journey. To confirm and secure your appointment, you will have to reply to my email letting me know you have read the package and you are genuinely interested in the reading. 

I will hold a weekend booking date for you. ​Before the reading I just need to know who you are. If I do not know you personally or know of you then I will have to connect with you on Zoom so I can see your appearance and confirm your identity. This video meeting will be short, around 10 minutes or less.

After the video meeting I will send you an email with a payment link for $50.00. I only do my readings on the weekends so this must be finalized beforehand.

I learn so much from every reading I do, and I am grateful for following this path. My heart gets so excited to connect with the stories about the soul. Thank you for this opportunity. 


 Samantha Golden Spirit 

 Uplifting Past Life Readings Testimonials 

Name: Baba Eli

Location:  Louisiana, United States


"This reading was nothing like I expected, but rang completely true for me.  Samantha was even able to draw an image of me from a past life that was identical to a past life chalk drawing I had done many years ago...right down to the color and shape of the hat on my head.  I really enjoyed this experience.  If you're on the fence, go for it.  You won't regret it."

Multifarious Paths

Name: P.M.K

Location: Switzerland


"A friend of mine recommended Samantha to me and after getting a past life reading from her, I now fully understand why my friend recommended and praised her services so highly. I was pleasantly surprised by how detailed and specific the information she provided me was. She also spends a lot of time working on putting together the information in a PDF and even includes drawings where possible. In addition, her prices are extremely accessible which I have found to be relatively rare in the field. On top of that, she is just so warm and kind. I am already waiting for my next appointment with her for her honest readings and I have no doubt I will be equally impressed. 10/10, would recommend, do not hesitate to book!"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Cindy (IMASUNFAN2)

Location: Wisconsin, United States

“Samantha is the REAL DEAL!! I had a reading with her prior to my past life reading and BOTH readings were AMAZING!! She is very talented and helped me with some serious life issues going on right now.  The past life reading experience was so incredible that I cried like a baby reading them. They were very inspiring and uplifting to assist me with the problems I am going through currently.  I feel I am very blessed to have found her online and she is so willing to share her gifts and spread the light for us all. GOD BLESS you Miss Samantha!!! Much love!!!”

Multifarious Paths

Name: Qiana
Location: United States

"Samantha was very pleasant to work with. Her spirit is one that is welcoming and beautiful. She was open to any questions or concerns that I may have had and gave me a great resource to use to further help me along with my journey. I am still fairly new to past lives and found it amazing that I had lived so many lives before. With each life, I can see some similarities in my present life that are still lingering. The characteristics that I had then are important in my development now I believe. I look forward to having another reading done or participating in another service. Samantha is very insightful, and you won't go wrong."

Multifarious Paths

Name: Douglas H.

Location: United States


"Samantha gave me a past lives reading on November 20th. I am very impressed with her feedback. Her information has helped me greatly in my research. It was fast and she answered my follow up questions. I would highly recommend."

Multifarious Paths

Name: Marg
Location: Canada

“I had my past life reading done by Sam. She was very pleasant, friendly, and answered all my questions. I received my reading the same day. It was very detailed and informative. Overall, Sam was very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Multifarious Paths

Name: Sia

Location: Ontario, Canada


"Samantha is just spot on and so accurate with the readings. She is really really sweet and so comforting. Everything will make sense if you understand the readings with an open mind and compare it to your present situations. Your interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies and your traits will all match. Trust me you will find an answer to your life questions. Definitely give her a try and results will amaze you!


Thank you"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Rhonda

Location: Kentucky, United States


“Samantha has a true gift. She was very nice and easy to talk to. My reading has helped me to realize many things that effect my current life. She was able to clearly explain my past lives, and even a current energy that surrounds me. I learned that the job that I always wanted was actually what I did in a past life. She explained one death that completely resonated with me, because I’ve always had a certain fear.  She was able to find the source of this fear. I can now understand myself better and work to improve. I have recommended her to others already. 


Thank you so much,



Multifarious Paths

Name: Alysa

Location: United States 


"Samantha sent me the document explaining exactly how everything would go. It was easy to follow. On the day of the zoom call, she was very personable and down to earth. She explained how the process goes, how to pay and what she does while getting information. I got my reading and was so amazed by the pdf that was sent to me. There were drawings of my past lives and the lives she described were significant to the things that have happened or that I’m good at in my current life. She is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her to everyone."

Multifarious Paths

Name: G 

Location: Toronto, Canada 

"Samantha was very perceptive in seeing some patterns and behaviours in my reading.  These helped me to better understand myself and behaviours and move towards healing and growth.  I very much appreciate and recommend her to help you gain insights and understandings into your past, present and future self!"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Samantha C.

Location: Canada

"I had my past life reading done by Samantha and it was amazing! Samantha was really friendly and answered any questions I had before hand. I received the reading the same evening and was really happy it even had some drawings! All around a really great experience!"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Manuela G.

Location: Toronto, Canada


"My experience with Samantha Golden Spirit has been a lovely one. I felt safe, valued from the start, and Samantha was kind every step of the way. She answered my many questions patiently and took the time to ensure I understood what she meant. I was also surprised at how quickly I received my reading! Samantha explained in great detail the experience she saw of my past lives, it was easy to read and I could clearly visualize what was described. More importantly, what she saw resonated within me very strongly, it was as if my soul was recognizing what was said. Thank you Samantha for a wonderful experience!"

Multifarious Paths

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