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Multidimensional Healing

   Multidimensional Healing   

 Hello lovely souls, 

I offer remote channeled healing sessions. I work with the Divine, my higher self/ soul energy, Angels, and high vibrational loving Galactic guides along with your soul and high vibrational loving guides. I hold a sacred space to unleash more divine loving frequencies to participate within your reality from the quantum field and higher dimensions.

Each session is different because everyone’s energetic soul structure is unique.  The sessions are customized outside of time and space for your highest good. I reach and pull in more high vibrational forces to support your energies from within. Keep in mind that my high vibrational team are multidimensionals who can see your past, present, and future all at the same time / multifarious timelines that you can potentially merge with.

Your body is in your expansive soul, we are 95 % unconscious, and people are like onions with multiple energetic soul layers. Some of those layers require energetic attention because sometimes random issues just show up for reasons unknown. Sometimes past unpleasant memories, programs, experiences & more get stuck within our energy body and decide to express themselves in different ways throughout our reality. This can sometimes give off the wrong signals that end up contributing to things we do not want.

This free flowing session will do some of the following to the energies of some of the layers within your energetic soul structure: Transmute, unblock, ground, harmonize, reset, transcend, anchor, balance, reconfigure, alter, unfold, shift, and open more channels. It all depends on what is truly going on within at the time of the session and I will let you know what I came across energetically afterwards.

💜How The Healing Session Goes💜

Before a session I will do a meditation and bless my space, mind, body and soul with more high vibrational loving forces in solitude. Once we start the session, we will have a chat about your concerns, keep in mind that you do not have to go into heavy details because the loving high vibrational forces will know what has to be addressed. I will then go into a light meditation state and ask you to take deep breaths as we go to tap into the supportive loving energies.

I may ask you to repeat after me with the downloaded charged channeled information that comes through me. I may ask you to repeat energetically charged channeled soul growth affirmations. I may not ask you to repeat anything, instead, I may just start channeling charged blessed words from beyond to affect your soul signature consciousness.

The session may come with homework at the end if your guides feel it is important. This might be customized meditation techniques, rituals, or introducing you to an author or metaphysical teacher. It truly depends on what they tell me.

💜My Experience With Healing💜

I have provided healing for individuals through some Honest Psychic Readings, Metaphysical Investigations & on myself because it randomly came up. As of May 2024, I have launched this as a separate option for those who are interested. 

 Healing Sessions are $40.00 


The Booking Process:


  • I will reply to your inquiry with my availability for a video virtual session on Zoom along with my terms & payment link.

  • I'm typically available between Mon-Fri evenings and weekends.

  • Reply letting me know that you have submitted payment, state your availability along with letting me know that you consent to my terms, I will then send you the Zoom link for the confirmed session.

  • Sessions can range from 30 minutes to an hour so I reserve an hour.

* Please note, if healing comes up during an Honest Psychic reading, I will ask you if you are interested in a complimentary Multidimensional Healing session towards the end. 


Before the session try to humble your spirit. This can be achieved through relaxing, exercising, reading, meditating, or other actions that may make you feel grounded or more centered. You can also focus on what you like and love about yourself to strengthen your aura. These are just suggestions to shift your energy.

  ~ Blessings ~  

  Samantha Golden Spirit  

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