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  Get Your Soul Education  

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💚☮️ Embrace Your True Authentic Callings From The Heart 👱🏾‍♀️☮️💚


✨🪦💐⚱️The In-Between Dimensions Of  The Afterlife 😶‍🌫️ Some Insightful Info About What Happens When We Die ⚱️💐🪦✨

✨🪻🌍🌈 Some Info About Multidimensional Healing & Your Evolution 🌈🌎🪻✨

🟣🪨The Generalized  TRAP In Believing That Your Energy Matches 100% With People Who Show Up In Your Life 🙃🪨🟣

💚✨🩷🔮Some Info About My Honest Psychic Readings & Multidimensional Healing Services🔮🩷✨💚

⚡️💐✨When You Follow Your Intuition You Trust Your Power ✨💐⚡️

🔹🔮Respect People's Privacy If You Are Psychic Or Intuitive & Help Those Who Value Your Support🔮🔹

✨🌄⚱️🪦When A Loved One Passes, Make Sure Your Grief  Supports Their Transition Into A Happier Afterlife Dimension (Heaven) 🪦⚱️🌄✨

🪷🌅🤩Being Comfortable With Who You Truly Are Helps You Thrive In Life😊🤩🌅🪷

🌿🪻👁✨Trust Your Loving Divine Team ✨👁🪻🌿

💜☮️My Favorite Book "Becoming Supernatural.." By Dr. Joe Dispenza ☮️💜

💫🕉 Charging Up Your Life Force Involves Consistency With Your Spiritual Practices 👁🕉💫​

✨🕉🛸🌀Stargate Portal Technology (On Earth & Across The Galaxy),

& Some Otherworldly History 😊🛸🕉🌀✨

🔷 🍂🌴Happy Black History Month😊 Your Ancestors Don’t F*ck Around 😁🌴 🍂🔷

🩵🌙💫Just Because You Recognize Someone From A Past Life, It Does Not Always Mean That You Are Meant To Get Close To Them 💫🌙🩵✨

✨💫⚡️🕉💚Sometimes Supportive Wisdom Shows Up When You Cross Multiple Dimensions Because We Are All Channelers💚🕉⚡️💫✨

🌅💫🌟 The Game of Life 🌟💫🌅

💐🍂SOMETIMES Sh!tty People Exist Or Have Existed Within Your Reality To Help You Not Be Like Them😊 🍂💐

💜⚡️💫Keep Blessing Your Home In Your Own Unique Way😊 Meditation & Rituals Alone Can Shift The Frequencies Within Your Space😊💫⚡️💜

✨🔹💫🛸Be Inspired By Other Worlds ☺️🛸💫🔹✨

💐🌍💐There Are Many Examples of Becoming More All Around Us 😊 You Have Opportunities To Create Heaven Within Your Own Life 💐🌍💐

​💜👁🔹🫠When It Comes To Diving Into The Unpredictable Unknown, Meditations & Rituals Can Sometimes Feel Spooky, Eerie, Foreign, Unfamiliar, & Weird 🙃🔹👀💜

✨Tips For Empaths To Help Block People Out ✨

☯️🌙The More You Deny Who You Truly Are, The Harder Life Will Get 🙃🌙☯️

🩷☮️When You Want Something In Life, You Have To Try To Be It Or Focus On Becoming It. This Free Flowing Process Takes Practice ☮️🩷

​🪷💐🔮Clip Notes Version Of Some Tips To Help Strengthen Your
Intuition Or Psychic Abilities 🔮💐

🌿🌈 The Supplement Chlorella Is Very Healthy 🌈🌿

✨🔷💫 Reincarnation Info 💫🔷✨

🦠💊🧬How Simple Things Can Effect The Microbiome In Bad Ways 🧬💊🦠

⚠️🌎🫤 Some People In Spiritual Communities Are Using This Whole "Did You Feel A Shift? / We Are Awakening" Like A Cult Mindset .... 🫣🌍⚠️

💐👤🌟People Are Like Onions With Many Layers😁 This Post Is About My Experiences With Intuition🌟👤 💐

🌟🌿💫🪷We All Have Psychic Gifts 🪷💫🌿

🌿🔮💫The World Of Psychics & Some Info About Me 😁💫🔮🌿

🌐 A Lot Of People In Spiritual Communities Hate Money Yet They Rely On It & Have Bank Accounts💰🌐🤔?

💐🌷💐Sometimes People Create Their Own Prisons & Sometimes We Give Away Our Power 💐🌷💐

☢️ Soda/ Pop Is Really Bad For Your Health ☢️

✨🪐🕉💫💙 High Vibrational Loving Spirit Guides 💙 💫🕉🪐✨

🌎There Seems To Be This Shame About Working For A Living If You Are A Spiritual Practitioner Or Spiritual Business Owner On The Side 🤔🌎

🥀🎃🫠🏠🪦👀HAUNTINGS 👀🪦🏠🫠🎃🥀

💐Be Comfortable With Who You Are 💐

☮️💙The Importance Of Chaos💙☮️

👻💫🪦Ghosts Need Help!🪦💫👻

🌈💚Healing Aspects Of Yourself Can Be So Unpredictable & Weird💚🌈


🔮✨Tips to Strengthen  Your Psychic Gifts & Intuition🔮

💐The Magic Of Affirmations 💐

💫💐Following Your Intuition, Listening To Your Higher-Self Along With Your Spirit Guides Makes Life Interesting 💐 💫

💜⚡️👁 In My Opinion, Twin Flames Are Not Real😊☮️⚡️💜

🪷Take Care Of Your Inner House, Your Sacred Temple, Your Inner Being 🪷

⚠️☮️🎇SOME Of The Dangers Of Participating In Spiritual & Religious Communities/ Groups 😳 Be Aware Of The Blind Spots 👀🫢☮️

💛😇Angels 😇💛

🍂🌿Beware of Those Who Only Like You Because Of Your Pain 👀🌿🍂

💐A Formula For Change (one of many) 😃💐

🔹😳Some People Require Protection From Themselves 👀😲🔹

🌄😳Your Light Might Be Exposing More Than You Think 🤔🌄

🔷🌾💜Info About Mediumship & The Dead 💜🌾🔷

🥗Health Maintenance 🥦

🩵The Combination of High Intensity Exercise & Affirmations Creates Spiritual Magic 🩵

💐Emotions Are Important For The Soul & Evolution 💐

🧬Let’s Talk About Your Influential Brain & Becoming The Best Version of Yourself 😊🧬

🌅Meditation Tips 🌅

💜 Understanding Challenging Situations From The Lens Of The Universe 💜

☮️ Transmuting Your Experiences☮️

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