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💜 I have the ability to telepathically speak to the dead from my home & send them healing frequencies 💜

 Ghosts/ Lost Spirits  have no resources for self help services! They can’t book a therapist or speak to some sort of counsellor to find themselves again. Ghosts need support to get back on track. 

 Remote Lost Souls Mediumship Services (Emailed): 

  •  I clear haunted homes by helping Ghosts move on to the Divine Happier Reality/Heaven from the Ghost Dimension & I want people to feel safe within their own homes.

  •  I also help Ghosts/ Spirits who are not haunting homes but are still not moving on for multiple reasons, these are typically passed friends and family. 

  •  I help Spirits who are in the Resting Place Dimension, a reality between the Ghost Dimension & the Divine Happier Reality. This place is more connected to the Heavenly Dimension.

  •  I ethically help Lost Souls with motivational counseling that leaves them empowered to move forward, this involves sending them healing from the Divine & treating them like human beings because they were.

 My Passion: 

The last thing a client needs is for a ghost to be banished only to hide or go to the neighbors house and come back later on lol. Once I know they have gone to the other side, I will know they have no reason to return.

I have a passion for helping the dead move on to a better place by planting motivational seeds into their consciousness so they can transition when they are ready. I find spirits/ghosts, and hauntings fascinating. These readings give me the opportunity to understand how souls feel on a deep psychological and emotional level. 


Some ghosts (still a soul) become frustrated over time due to their own insecurities. I just want to help the dead continue their reincarnation cycle properly in hopes they can build a good future for themselves. I have seen beautiful portals and scenes from the Divine Happier reality (Heaven) that are mind blowing and filled with love. 

 The Process: 

  • Email me with attached pictures of the haunted house, place, space or passed loved one with a brief description of the paranormal activity.

  • I will email you back with what I picked up on. if it is a ghost/ spirit, I will email you my detailed information package about my services, terms, & payment link.

  • Reply confirming you have read the information package & consent to my terms with payment.

  • My reply will confirm that I will be in communication with the Lost Soul & provide you with follow-up moving on investigation reports. The 1st report is delivered within 4 days.

  • Ghosts/ Spirits can take a week to a month to move on, some take a bit longer. 

  • If you would like to talk over zoom about the hauntings or passed loved one, that can be arranged.

  ~ $40.00 ~  

 Other Options: 


If you are just interested in learning more about my services, I can email you my information package For Free.

If you would like information on how to cleanse your space to make a ghost or negative energies potentially leave your home, I can email you some insightful tips & techniques For Free

If you feel that you are not being haunted by a ghost/ spirit (a deceased person) it is possible that the haunting is being caused by tulpas, egregores, or beings who reside in dense dimensions. Hauntings by demons (inhuman entities) are rare and not all of them are sinister, some are just trickster spirits. If I discover that the haunting is not a ghost, we can take other steps to help resolve the issue. This may include Channeled potential solutions. 



 ~ Samantha Golden Spirit ~ 

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 Lost Souls Mediumship Testimonials 

Name: Faith

Case Type: Haunted Home

Location: Chicago, Il, United States

"I don’t think words will be able to describe the gratitude I have for Samantha. I had two ghost spirits in my home that she helped to cross over. She was extremely communicative and detailed, as well as knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure to communicate with her. She did the job requested beyond efficiently, and explained the entire process in ways that I could understand. I will be looking forward to using more of her services in the future because I am confident in the accuracy of her services. Ten out of ten, will recommend."

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Name: Allie

Case Type: Moving On To The Light

Location: Hamilton, Canada


“Samantha is amazing. I have gone to her for a few things now in different categories, and she was just perfect and reassuring. The responses I got back from her give me goosebumps because it’s dead on to what I would assume my loved one/the soul is doing. I would recommend her to everyone. She replies on time like she says she will, and she will answer any questions. She also will share her responses with a laugh at things that are funny - it’s like you’re having a conversation with her face to face. Thank you Samantha for all your help!”

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Name: Olivia

Case Type: Haunted House

Location: Ontario, Canada


"I requested a virtual reading of my house/ property after experiencing paranormal activity for over 2 years. Samantha responded right away with an overview of what was going on. I sent her some more details of what we were experiencing, and she then gave very details readings over a period of time that reassured me of the spirit activity in my home and what I can do to help it. I actually had a second reading done on my home which stated the same thing Samantha had said which also confirmed her accuracy. It was great communicating with her over email and she made me feel comfortable with the unknown. I have already referred her to several people."

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Name: A. Wilson

Case Type: Haunted Apartment

Location: Davenport, IA, United States


“If you’re reading this, you’re meant to be here. Sam really is a golden spirit with the purest intentions who I wholeheartedly believe was put on Earth to heal the world through her gifts. Before officially moving into my new apartment in April of 2020, I cleansed our home both physically and spiritually (California White Sage smudging) I still felt the presence of the supernatural in our place, nothing sinister but it’s still an uneasy feeling, if you know you know. My partner was visited by one of the ghosts multiple times in his dreams. The first night we spent in our apartment, she (the spirit) visited him in his dream saying, “I like how you guys cleaned up the place.” I could not and WOULD NOT make this up. Our then 1 year old son would be up at wee hours of the night cracking up laughing, staring into the darkness of the room. I’ve even had my foot touched and tickled by one of them. So, as you can imagine I had ENOUGH! I contacted her for remote ghost counseling services in June of 2021 because my nerves were shot. I didn’t feel safe in my own home. From the start, Sam’s communication skills were top tier, she made me feel so comfortable almost as if we’ve met before in person, even extended vital information to help me on my life’s journey; she possesses an overall warm and comforting energy. She conducted a thorough analysis of our apartment with pictures, sent emails in great detail of the overall process, descriptions of all three spirits (mind you, I only thought there was one), sent an investigation schedule and even did a follow-up report on the spirits transition. I’m just now writing a review in hope to display the authenticity of her services. My home still feels light, the energy is so inviting, I no longer feel like I’m being watched, my partners dreams have stopped and best of all the spirits have transitioned. I am eternally grateful for her!”

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