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Address: Ontario, Canada


  General Honest Readings  

Steps to book your Honest Psychic Reading Appointment via Zoom - $70.00  :

  • These readings are conducted on video zoom calls and sessions can range from 1  to 2 hours.

  • I will reply to your inquiry in under 48 hours with my availability, payment link, & my terms to consent to.

  • Reply to my email with your desired date and time along with your consent & payment.

  •  Once the payment & consent are received, I will send you the zoom link for your confirmed appointment.

  • During the session I may be guided to provide you with a  complimentary healing session towards the end. If this is the case, I will ask you if you are interested.


 Multidimensional Healing 

 Steps to schedule your Multidimensional Healing  session via Zoom - $40.00 :

  • Healing sessions are over zoom and can range from 30 minutes to an hour so I reserve an hour.

  • I will reply to your inquiry in under 48 hours with my availability, payment link, & my terms.

  • Reply to my email with your desired date and time along with your consent to my terms & payment.

  • Once the payment and consent are received, I will send you the zoom link for your confirmed session.

  • I will also ask you before the session  if you would like it to be audio recorded.

 Uplifting Past Life Readings 

 Summary of steps to secure your Uplifting Past Life Reading via Emailed PDF- $50.00 :

  • I will reply with my detailed information package about my services in under 48 hours. 

  • Reply to my email confirming that you have read the info package & that you consent to my terms.

  • I will hold a weekend booking date for you.

  • We will schedule a short video meeting  to confirm your identity through zoom, you will also have the opportunity to ask me questions.

  • After our short meeting, I will send you an email with a payment link. Once the payment is processed, your appointment is officially confirmed for a weekend booking.

  • I will conduct your reading alone in solitude for a few hours with my notebook, type it out & email you a 3-4 page PDF document of your reading in under 48 hours.

  • If you would like to discuss the reading afterwards, that can be arranged. 

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 Soul Tracking Mediumship Services 

Email me a picture of your passed loved one after 3 months or longer of the passing with their name & I will reply to your inquiry in under 72 hours.

  • Afterlife Soul Status Psychic Reading via Email - FREE.  

  • Soul Progress  Mediumship Report via Email - $40.00.

  • Direct Line Soul Progress Mediumship Session via Zoom - $45.00.

Flower Garland 8
Flower Garland 8

 Lost Souls Mediumship 

 Steps to receive your Lost Souls Mediumship Counseling Reports regarding helping ghosts/ spirits move on to the other side via Emails  - $40.00 :

  • Email me pictures of the haunted place, space or passed loved one with a brief description of the paranormal activity and I will reply back with what I picked up on.

  • If it is a ghost/ spirit,  I will email you my detailed information package, my terms, & a payment link in under 48 hours.

  • Reply confirming that you have read the information package & consent to the terms along with payment.

  • I will reply in under 48 hours confirming I will be in communication with the ghost/ spirit alone in solitude & email you updates.

  • After 3 or 4 days you will receive a detailed moving on investigation Report followed by weekly check up reports to confirm if the Lost Soul is moving on or has moved on successfully to a happier dimension.

  • In my experience, souls move on within a week to a month, some take longer.

  • If you would like to chat on zoom during the investigation that can be arranged.

Moving On

 Metaphysical Investigations 

 Metaphysical Investigations via Emails/ sometimes Zoom - $25.00 :

  •  I will reply to your inquiry  in under 72 hours if  you are encountering something spooky, bizarre, strange, scary, weird, or supernatural.

  • Depending on the situation I can provide customized channeled energetically charged  recommendations such as rituals, meditations, or general wisdom for your issues or concerns. 

  •  Some Examples:  Ongoing nightmares, bad luck, attracting spirits, visitations from the unknown, strange visions, bad vibes, existential dread, trance states, otherworldly encounters, strange sounds and witnessing something supernatural.

  • Most spiritual recommendations are sent by emails however, I might be directed to speak with you over zoom.

  • Once I analyze the situation, I will reply with what I picked up on, my terms, along with a payment link.

  • If I discover that Multidimensional Healing is required, I will  let you know and we can coordinate scheduling a session .


 Soul Growth Affirmations 

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FREE Personalized Soul Growth Affirmations via Email:

  • I will send you your Soul Growth Affirmations within 72 hours of your inquiry.

  • Specific affirmations are channeled for your personal growth from your guardian spirits & your higher self.

  • You can implement them into your spiritual practices, meditation, or just day to day life.

  • Get creative, update or adjust the empowering messages by implementing your signature consciousness and style into the affirmations so you can become more motivated to use them often.

  • * Please note that these are only channeled & not  energetically charged with divine healing frequencies. Energetically charged affirmations may come up during Multidimensional Healing sessions.

  • I can access this information from emails alone, contact me to receive uplifting affirmations today.

Big Tree

💜I'm an investigator of Souls so for any other metaphysical questions or inquires, contact me today👱🏾‍♀️💜 I'm here to help💜

🍃Please note, my payment options are Paypal & the Canadian E-Transfer option for those who are local 🍃

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