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Want to confirm if your passed loved one has moved on to the other side? Would you like to receive messages from beyond?

~ Contact me for Remote Soul Tracking Mediumship Services ~ 


My mediumship abilities allow me to confirm where souls currently are along with channeling important messages for you. Soul tracking mediumship helps me to understand the progress of Souls on a deeper level, gain metaphysical insights & more.

When souls begin to experience transition into the afterlife, they usually end up in one of the following in-between life dimensions:

  • The Divine Happier Reality (Heaven) - This is simply another world that feels just as real as living on earth but it contains high amounts of loving energies and frequencies. Please note that in some rare cases they have already chosen to reincarnate early. 

  • The Ghost Dimension - A reality intertwined with our 3D physical world where the soul is a ghost who holds on to past experiences that prevents them from moving forward. There are many other reasons why souls decide to stay here for a while however, most are due to holding on to the past. 

  • The Resting Place Dimension - This is a reality that exists between the Divine Happier Reality and the Ghost Dimension. This space is more connected and closer to the Happier Reality (Heaven). In this space the soul is not a ghost but a spirit. The spirit has not yet made it to the Happier World but senses a connection to it. This space carries stagnant frequencies but allows the soul to rest or self reflect for a while. These souls typically want to be left alone for a certain period based on their past experiences. Souls who end up here usually decide to go to the Divine Happier Reality when they are ready.

Depending on how the soul feels, they may end up in the Ghost Dimension, Resting Place, or both before transcending to the Happier Divine Reality (Heaven). Keep in mind, space and time operates differently within these dimensions. 

Every individual is unique, we bring our conditioning and life experiences with us during transition. Reincarnation is a natural part of life so when it is the right time, we come back as someone else.

 Soul Tracking Mediumship Services   


  I will reply to your inquiry in under 72 hours  

For the following inquires, please email me a picture of your passed loved one after 3 months or longer of the passing to  with their name & your affiliation or relation to them.

Afterlife Soul Status Psychic Readings, Emailed - FREE :

  • I will track the soul of your passed loved one & confirm which dimension they are currently in.

  • Most souls arrive in Heaven however, please prepare yourself for receiving information about them possibly being elsewhere.

  • This email will include Some details about their current environment, surroundings, and how they feel emotionally.

  • Personal messages for you from beyond are Not included.

Soul Progress Mediumship Reports, Emailed - $40.00 :

  • I will confirm what dimension the soul is in and if they have arrived in Heaven or not.

  • If they have arrived in Heaven, I will let you know by email along with a payment link.

  • Once the payment is received, I will email you your Report containing channeled messages specifically for you from your passed loved one.

  • Reports are delivered by email within a couple of days or sooner.  


Direct Line Soul Progress Mediumship On Zoom - $45.00 :

  • I will confirm if your passed loved one has made it to Heaven.

  •  If they have arrived in Heaven, I will let you know by email along with my availability (typically Mon-Fri evenings & weekends) & a payment link.

  •  Once you confirm your availability along with payment, the appointment is officially confirmed for a live virtual 30-45 min channeled session.

Please note, if the soul has not arrived in Heaven yet, I will email you their Afterlife Soul Status information along with the supportive options available to you. This may include helping the soul move forward from my end, your end, or both. It truly depends on what is going on with the soul.

If the soul has ended up in the Resting Place or Ghost Dimension, I can remotely help them transition into the Divine Happier Reality/ Heaven. For me to do this, I would email you my Lost Souls Mediumship information package with info about my process.


 Samantha Golden Spirit 

 Soul Tracking Mediumship Testimonials 

Name: Nicole

Location: Washington, United States

Soul Progress Mediumship Report


“I'm 32 years old and I came to Samantha because I was riddled with sadness of my grandmother passing away from cancer before my 25th birthday and I just needed to know if my grandmother made it to heaven and she did. Samantha has been so helpful in helping my grandmother's spirit and telling me how she is doing and stuff like that. After the receiving the reading report letter that my grandmother expressed, I now feel so much better about everything and now I can close those doors and be happy again. Samantha saved me from sadness, depression, and I'm really truly thankful and grateful that she's helped me get through this because it was a really painful time in my life and in my family's life. Now I can leave that part of the past behind me and move forward and it's all thanks to Samantha because she's a guiding light in my life and she'll always be there when I need her“

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Name: Delia

Location: Florida, United States

Direct Line Soul Progress Mediumship

"I am very happy I have found Samantha and I recommend her services wholeheartedly!"

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Name: M

Location: Canada

Direct Life Soul Progress Mediumship

"The mediumship session brought me a lot of peace."

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Name: Luna

Location: United States

Soul Progress Mediumship Report


“I contacted Samantha after we had a loss of two people close to me. She did mediumship and I was really impressed with the messages I received, they left a kind of calm and peace after hearing they are doing good and happy. Some of the words used in the reading made me feel like the actual person was talking to me. Definitely a life changing experience."

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Name: Natasha

Location: South Africa 

Soul Progress Mediumship Report

"I had a read from Samantha and she was just amazing. So much love and kindness was put into every word. She has brought my family and I so much comfort with her messages from my departed brother. I will forever be grateful"

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Name: Kanica

Location: India 

Soul Progress Mediumship Reports

"I am so much at peace and have a sense of direction after the readings. Thank you Samantha, my husband did speak through you, things that only he would say and this helps me to now move forward and help our children also. Thank you for the specific answers that I was seeking, I had goosebumps and tears all at the same time as this was a real experience.

Grateful for your help"

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