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Honest Psychic Readings


 Hello beautiful souls, 

The soul always has multifarious paths available to manifest. Everything you choose and everything you do creates the future. You are creating every day with every action you take or don’t take for the life you choose to live. Your alignment with the right paths depends on the present.

All psychics work differently. I meditate often, keep a strong relationship with a higher power and my spirit guides to keep my life force strong and clear. I can access the most concrete potential future paths/realities that are currently aligned with your soul right now. Understand that we are always evolving and growing therefore, the future always has the potential to change. 

Psychics do not have access to everything. In some cases, your higher-self, spirit guides or both will block me from the answers to some of your questions because it would interfere with your future goals or personal growth, and I am always honest about that. For some of us, if we knew too much we would simply just stop trying or get into our own way.


There are no guarantees with my readings, and you will not always hear what you want to hear (for your own good). During readings I can provide answers to most of your questions (90% - 100%) because multifarious timelines are at play. 


Before Honest readings, I conduct a Divine blessing ritual in solitude with incense that includes a meditation to invite more High Vibrational Loving Energies to the reading. I only use a notebook, a pendulum, and incense during sessions. Kindly have your specific questions ready before readings. I respect people's privacy in general, I'm very organized, and solution oriented.

 View the session as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. God only helps those who help themselves. My sessions may include some coaching, channeled self-improvement recommendations, and healing.

If your guides advise me during the reading that healing would benefit you, I will ask if you are interested in a complementary Multidimensional Healing session at the end of the reading. For more info about my healing techniques, see  the "Heal"  page. 

  ~ Blessings ~  

 Samantha Golden Spirit 



Honest Psychic Readings are $70.00. You must be over the age of 23 for readings. 

The Booking Process:

  • I will reply to your inquiry with my availability for a video virtual session on Zoom along with my terms and payment link.

  • I'm typically available between Mon-Fri evenings and weekends.

  • Reply letting me know that you have submitted payment, state your availability along with letting me know that you consent to my terms, I will then send you the Zoom link for the confirmed appointment.

The Reading Process:

  • In the zoom call state your list of questions (it's good to write your specific questions down).

  • I will write your questions into my notebook and go from there.

  • Readings can range from 1 to 2 hours. 

Before your appointment try to clear your mind. This can be achieved through relaxing, exercising, reading, meditating, or other actions that may make you feel grounded or more centered. You can also focus on what you like and love about yourself to strengthen your aura. These are just suggestions to shift your energy.

Take Care Of Yourself
Love Yourself
Be Mindful

 Honest Psychic Readings Testimonials 

Name: Mel

Location: Toronto, Canada

"Sam's psychic readings are illuminating, accessible and always delivered with a sense of kindness. She is incredibly generous with her time, her spiritual gifts, and her care. I always leave my readings feeling more held by the universe and with a clearer set of ideas for how to realign with what is true and powerful within me. Speaking with Sam feels like getting guidance from a good friend who genuinely wants me to find happiness and peace in this realm. Thank you for everything!"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Roshanda

Location: New York, United States


"My experience in receiving a Honest Psychic Reading with Samantha was truly amazing. She holds such wonderful and amazing gifts. Most of all Samantha is such a divine person who helped to make the experience easy and comforting. She is personable and involves you in the session so you truly feel you are a part of the process and her compassion and care for your feelings helps to make it easier to receive the messages that come. Samantha’s knowledge and coaching helps you to receive guidance on the tools you need to go deeper within to find the answers your searching for while empowering you take the accountability to do the work you are capable of to heal and grow and receive your divine guidance from above.  She holds such love and light and I hold great gratitude for her guidance and support on my journey.  Thank you Samantha!" 

Multifarious Paths

Name: Carrie M

Location: Massachusetts, United States

“Samantha is truly wonderful to work with. She makes you feel totally appreciated and honored during the whole session, and her insight is truly phenomenal. She works in her own unique way, which to me, felt like the desire to help and teach with her gifts, so that the best version of yourself and your life can come to fruition. You truly do not feel judged, you feel heard, and you come out of the session with such clarity. I truly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her for anyone who is just continuing on their life path and needs any kind of advice, guidance, learning, insight, or just really pretty much anything!”

Multifarious Paths

Name: Baba Eli

Location: Louisiana, United States

"Samantha is as genuine as they come.  She is kind, gentle, and very easily and adeptly establishes a friendly, easy going rapport.  She was able to confirm things that I already had some ideas of, as well as bring to light things I didn't know.  Twice during the reading she was able to say the exact word I needed to hear in order for the messages to sink in.  Words very specific to me and my current journey.  I know I'm being vague, but trust me, Samantha is the real deal.  She obviously does this for the love of it as it comes out in her work.  Give this one a chance y'all.  I'll certainly be back."

Multifarious Paths

Name: Portia

Location: Switzerland

"I asked Samantha 3 broad questions (via email - unfortunately, I missed my zoom calls and Samantha was very kind and gracious about it) about whether I'm on the right path and what would help me get there. I was sincerely blown away by how clear, generous, and in depth the responses were. Not only does she share the information she receives but she will also provide you with some actionable tips and share resources that are easy to acquire like book recommendations, which could help you integrate the information. I have done multiple types of readings with Samantha, and I can guarantee that she is the real deal! Thank you for your work Samantha!"

Multifarious Paths

Name: Marie

Location: United States

"Thank you so much for the reading! You are very gifted, provided so much clarity for me, and you knew things that I never told you. Receiving a reading from you has given me hope and I know I am on the right track in life. I would recommend you to all of my friends and family that are looking for a gifted psychic. Thank you so much. Peace and Blessings to you."

Multifarious Paths

Name: A_Sunshine

Location: Toronto ON, Canada


“Samantha Golden Spirit was thorough, thoughtful, professional, and down-to-earth. I felt like I was speaking with a good friend and that she had my best intentions in mind throughout the entire process of our communication. She provided useful insights, resources, and a direction for me to start on my path forward. I also learned from her personal perspectives and practices that she shared with me. Thank you."

Multifarious Paths

Name: M

Location: Canada

"This session was great, and I honestly learned a lot. Everything that Samantha had to say felt familiar and because of that, I felt like I was listening better. It's been one day and there have been multiple moments where I just knew it was my intuition speaking to me - and when I spoke to a friend about it, I felt this familiar sense of de ja I dreamed this before. I didn't get all of "the answers" I thought I was looking for - like what exact job should I be doing for the rest of my life haha, - but I feel like I got answers for questions I never even knew I had. Overall, this session was a blessing and I'd suggest Samantha to anyone asking!"

Multifarious Paths

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